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Bispec Updates
Bispec Version 2.20 - 06/16/2012

Bispec 2.20 includes a number of new features and bug fixes including:

1. Ability to Save/Open the current project (also saves the ground motions within the project).

2. Ability to export all spectral analysis results to a single file with database-like format (Advanced version).

3. Ability to view "SRSS" & "Geomean" bidirectional results as well as "Resultant Angle" (in degrees) under spectral results (Advanced version). This is in addition to the "Direction 1", "Direction 2" and "Resultant" options that were available in v2.03.

3. Added Constant Cy (Fy/W) spectra.

4. Corrected problems with loading some CSMIP and SMC ground motion records.

5. Resolve crashing issue with batch importing ground motion files under Windows 7.

6. Improved the Modified Clough nonlinear model

7. Fixed a problem in Bilinear Flag model when R>0.5.

8. Improved Yield Event (YE) counting for several nonlinear models (Clough, Modified Clough, Slip Model, Bilinear Flag).

9. Other minor changes and bug fixes.

Bispec Version 2.03 - 02/08/2010

Bispec 2.03 includes a number of new features and bug fixes including:

1. Improved statistics for spectral analysis of multiple records, and added 16th percentile and 84th percentile statistics.
2. Other minor changes and bug fixes.

Bispec Version 2.02 - 09/15/2009
Updated help documentation.
Bispec Version 2.01 - 08/11/2009
Bispec 2.02 includes a number of new features including:

1. Supplemental Nonlinear Viscous Damping (NLVD), defined using a damping coefficient (Csup) and a nonlinear exponent (alpha)
2. Addition of 15 new Spectral Quantities, including:

  • Normalized yield and maximum force (Cy and Cs)

  • Effective properties (Teff, Keff, different types of effective damping, etc...). See Spectral Quantities page for more details.
Bispec Version 2.0 Beta - 06/21/2009
Bispec 2.0 includes a number of new features including:

1.  Addition of 6 new nonlinear hysteretic models, in addition to the 4 existing models. In total, 10 different hysteretic models are now available which cover a wide range of nonlinear behavior (models 5-10 below are new):
      1.  Linear Elastic Model
      2.  Bilinear Plastic Model
      3.  Bilinear Plasticity Model with Bidirectional Coupling
      4.  Clough Bilinear Stiffness Degrading Model
      5.  Modified Clough Bilinear Stiffness Degrading Model 
      6.  Bilinear Elastic Model
      7.  Bilinear Flag Model
      8.  Origin-Oriented Bilinear Model
      9.  Peak-Oriented Bilinear Model
      10. Bilinear Slip Model


2.  Parallel processing support: Running spectral analysis in Bispec is now even much faster with support for multiple processors and multiple cores. For example, with two quad-core processors, spectral analysis can run close to 8 times faster, which is ideal for ground motion studies.


3.  Improved batch import of ground motion records: It is now possible to import a virtually unlimited number of ground motion records into a group in a single action, using the batch import feature.


4.  Expanded and re-written help documentation which includes detailed description of the user interface, internal implementation and hysteretic models.


5.  The main screen of the program was modified to simplify entry of analysis parameters and to include options for selecting and configuring the 6 new hysteretic models.


6.  Ability to define custom ranges of periods and frequencies, in addition to linearly or logarithmically spaced values.


7.  Improvement bidirectional constant-strength spectra. The user has now more control on specifying the strength in the second direction in constant-R and constant normalized strength spectra.


8.  Resolved problem with running bidirectional analysis in version 1.62.


9.  Resolved problem with hardening ratio in version 1.62.


10. Other minor changes and bug fixes.


Bispec Version 1.62 - 01/07/2009

Bispec Version 1.61 - 02/09/2008

Bispec Version 1.55 - 02/13/2006

Bispec Version 1.50 - 02/01/2004

Bispec Version 1.20 - 03/21/2003

Bispec Version 1.1.2- 08/10/2000

Bispec Version 1.00 - 11/15/1999