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PocketStatics 2.15 (Released 1/7/2012)

PocketStatics is a structural analysis program for the PocketPC (Windows Mobile) and Windows (Desktop or Tablet PC) Operating Systems.
PocketStatics allows you to solve any frame problem quickly and easily. Use it at your desk, in meetings or in the field.
PocketStatics is available both for the PocketPC and for Windows.
Models you create on any platform can be opened both on your PocketPC or Windows computer.


New in Version 2

- Option to disable snapping to grid points (new in version 2.10)
- Opening and Saving models to file
- Sharing of model files between the PocketPC and Windows versions, just synchronize your files!
- Unlimited Undo/Redo Capability!
- Online help on both the PocketPC and Windows versions, which covers every aspect of the user interface.
- Powerful Zooming and Panning Capabilities through the toolbars and using the mouse scroll-bar/button (for Windows).
- Printing Support: Create great looking diagrams. Supports Print Preview and Printer Setup (Windows only)
- Ability to reverse the default display of all diagrams by using negative view scale values (new in version 2.15)
- Ability to change the display of node and element loads by using negative view scale values (new in version 2.15)



Main Features

PocketStatics is very interactive, and simulates to a great degree working with an engineering pad and a pencil. Toolbars are very intuitive, and the structure can be simply sketched on the screen using the stylus (or mouse). The program automatically computes and displays results whenever any changes are made to the structure.

PocketStatics comes in two editions, one for the PocketPC PDA's and one for computers and laptops running Windows or TabletPC. Check it out now by downloading a free trial or by viewing our animated demonstrations in the tutorial section.


Problems that Can be Solved with PocketStatics


- statically determinate and indeterminate trusses and frames with any number of elements and degrees of freedom,

- simple columns,

- single or continuous beams,
- 2D frames such as moment frames, braced frames,
- 2D trusses
- any 2D structure including buildings and bridges


Who Can Benefit from Using PocketStatics
- civil engineers,
- structural engineers and designers,
- mechanical designers,
- field engineers,
- construction engineers,
- site inspectors,
- students,
- instructors and others.

it is ideal for use in meetings, at construction sites, and if your phone is PocketPC enabled, you can use it wherever you can take your phone.Check the pages on the left pane for more information about PocketStatics including Features, System Requirements, Animations and Screenshots, or visit the order page to order your copy of PocketStatics.