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Providing State-of-the-Art Software for Structural and Earthquake Engineering

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>> QuakeManager 1.10 Released! (10/9/2016)
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QuakeManager is an innovative software for the management, selection, modification and analysis of ground motion records.


QuakeManager provides users with integrated ground motion selection, modification and analysis tools, incorporating new state-of-the-art techniques by ground motion researchers. It provides utilities for file management, import and export of data, unit conversion, and data visualization, which are seamlessly integrated into the user interface. By integrating those functionalities into one easy-to-use program, built around a powerful ground motion database manager, the process of ground motion selection, modification and analysis can be performed seamlessly and efficiently.


The software has a highly interactive and configurable user interface that is intuitive and easy to learn. These interactive features combined with the advanced capabilities of QuakeManager will make it easier for earthquake engineering professionals, students and researchers to search and utilize ground motion data.


You can check out the QuakeManager Wiki for detailed information, download a free trial, or provide feedback through the Contact Us page.



QuakeManager Main Features

QuakeManager is a state-of-the-art earthquake software with an unprecedented set of features and capabilities. 
It provides the following general capabilities:
>> Ground Motion Database Record Manager and Viewer (think iTunes or Picasa for ground motions)
>> Optimized Ground Motion Selection algorithms that can match mean and variation of a suite of ground motions
>> Advanced Features for searching and computing near-fault and pulse records, maximum-rotated spectra (RotD100), and others
>> ASCE-7 Compliant for ground motion selection and scaling
>> Ground Motion Rotation to Fault-Normal/Fault-Parallel or any other orientation
>> Ground Motion Modification & Generation including Spectral Matching (under development)
>> and much more!

Why Use QuakeManager?

Get the job done Better, Faster and Smarter!
>>One-stop solution: All steps of ground motion selection and modification
>>Speed and Efficiency: Very fast calculations, all features integrated in one user interface!
>>Seamless Operation: Superior user experience, easy to use, promotes efficiency and learning

QuakeManager Benefits

>> Streamlined: Automatic handling of file formats, units, different databases, computing intensities and spectral values...
>> Powerful Database: Use pre-built ground motion databases (includes NGA-West2 metadata, and SAC Steel records), or easily build your own ground motion library (Self-Building Database Feature)
>> Integrated record processing (filtering, baseline correction, cropping, etc)
>> Shared environment for all ground motion operations (search, selection, modification, generation, spectra/analysis)
>> Full control over ground motion selection and modification parameters -> allow optimization
>> Reduce errors, improve productivity
>> Flexible workflow: Does not impose a particular workflow process on the user. 
>> Efficiency through Reuse: Information shared throughout all steps of search, selection, modification, etc.