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PocketStatics Updates 
January 7, 2012
PocketStatics Version 2.15 Now Available
Changes in this version:
  • Added ability to assign negative scale values in order to
    customize force diagrams (e.g. moment can be plotted on tension side of beam)
  • Also now able to reverse the display direction of node and element loads
  • Fixed a crash problem when editing element distributed load.


August 25, 2009
PocketStatics Version 2.11 Now Available (PPC only)
Changes in this version:
  • Resolve user interface issues in PocketStatics 2.10 for PPC


June 22, 2009
PocketStatics Version 2.10 Now Available
Changes in this version:
  • Ability to snap to nodes,
  • Options to disableenable snapping to grid points and nodes,
  • Resolved problem in trial version quitting suddenly, 
  • Resolve other minor issues.
  • PocketPC 2002 is no longer supported.

 December 15, 2007

PocketStatics Version 2.01 Now Available
PocketStatics 2 includes a number of new features including:
  • unlimited undo/redo support,
  • online help,
  • open/save functionality,
  • sharing of models between the PocketPC and Windows version through synchronization,
  • improved Zooming and Panning support,
  • printing and print preview support (Windows version only), and
  • various improvements to the user inteface

April 1, 2007
Trial Version of PocketStatics 1.0 Now Available
Users can now download fully functional trial versions of the PocketStatics for the PocketPC and Windows.

March 6, 2007
PocketStatics Version 1.0 Released
PocketStatics version 1.0 includes a number of improvements from version 0.92. In addition, PocketStatics is now available for the Windows operating system for the first time. Some of the improvements from version 0.92 include:
  • Added Options dialog which includes:
    • Options for showing/hiding elements and nodes and their associated properties and loads
    • Options for controlling the amount of values to show on force and displacement diagrams in order to optimize screen use
    • All options are saved when the program is closed
  • Improved symbols for supports (added symbol for rotational fixity)
  • Added ability to wipe the whole structure
  • Improved the automatic precision of the displayed diagram values
  • Added menu options for editing nodes/elements
  • Improved user interface especially selection and modification of objects
  • Improved most dialog interfaces to make them as intuitive as possible